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Company Profile

Cheapest Adult Scripts is leader in the market of adult website software solutions. The company is being represented by a professional programmer formerly known as "kaktusan". I (kaktusan) have joined the online business in 1998. Specifially in the Adult Business I have been since year 2000. As of 2003 I started my public programming, coding and software services. Since that time I have been producing high quality, professional and yet affordable website software. My products are invaluable to the professional or to the starter webmaster alike, ranging from the simplest website add-on to the powerful database web applications to enhance your websites!

Since the time I started my public software oriented services I have built fairly good public rank among the adult business webmasters community and have established my name as professional, reliable and honest programmer. Since the time of my start I already have countless clients from all over the world, ranging from the smaller webmaster to the big and established companies.

Since my start of this site and later on one more site Cheapest Web Software , the big interest and mass use of my software solutions and coding services have proven my excellent programming skills and reliability of my creations. I have nothing but happy and amazed clients! You can manually read what some of my clients say about my services here. You can ask about me at most of the adult webmaster chatboards. I am pretty sure you will hear nothing but good words for me!

Being webmaster myself, I pretty good know what one webmaster needs! This is the most important factor of my sucessful software and business. You can't create software when you don't know closely the market. I have lots and different types of sites and I pretty good know what work is needed for each one of them. Knowing closely the work involved I am able to produce unique and innovative sets of software and tools for webmasters. My goal is to make my life as webmaster more easier using my professional programming skills. When I create something that work for me, it will work and for you! This is how I make and your life much more easier as webmaster! As I said being a webmaster myself I pretty good know what you need!

When I say Unique, I really mean it! When I say Innovative, I really mean it! You will not find anywhere a product even closer to mines. Once You touch a single my creation You will experience the power of products invented by innovative ideas and schemas that aren't available anywhere else and products that accomplish things known as impossible until now!

I never create a product that is already on the market! I don't need to invent the wheel again! Totally in the opposite direction, I stream to create products that noone has already invented and use! Thats how money are made, isn't it? All what we need is unique piece of software that does things noone else can do, so we are couple of steps ahead our competition! You can't survive in the online business if you are doing the same as all others do! You must be Unique, Innovative, 10 times more smarter than all your competitors!

Nowadays the market is much more tough than it was before 5-6 years. The Internet is a volume business and must be treated as such! This is my main moto! If you operate just 1-2 sites you are noone, BUT if you operate lets say 100 sites, you are definitely someone. The more you are able to operate the more money in your pocket! Thats why most of my software is MASS oriented. I don't bother myself to create a product in the old style - one script for one site. Thats dead already. I produce in the style - one script for unlimited sites! I try always to invent and produce innovative solutions to automate your work to the maximum possible! The more automated your sites are, the less you work!

Cheapest Adult ScriptsThe topmost quality of my software products is guaranteed by high level of professionalism. I don't trust nobody to create software for me and I just sell it! I create every single product I sell from the scratch and totally alone. This way I guarantee its fully reliability, effectivity and productivity! If I am going to put my name on something I must be 100% sure its a professional thing! I always support every product I sell. I always update regularly all of my products adding brand new features and extending the original product, to make it even more powerful!

As I look torwards to the future, my business and its place in the Industry I see nothing else but progress! I am young and tallented and I always improve and expand myself in my specialty! I am always researching new ideas and technologies so that I always stay as much close and familiar as possible to the market and the latest money maker opportunities. This ensures me that I will always create software that will make me money and will make money for you too!
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