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Noone says it better than a Client..

Noone else judges more accurate and honest than a client. Since old times, people want to hear what other people think about someone before they have any relation with him.

Well in this page I regularly add what my clients think about my services and products. My clients have trusted me and I didn't disappoint them. Do you want to be one of my happy clients too? Do you want to feel the power of my software solutions? That's fine, read what people say about me.

Every single testimonial here is written by the author stated. Noone has been forced to write the testimonial. Each testimonial represents its author completely honest thoughts and points of view how I do bussines.

Do you want your testimonial here? No problems, just send it to me here
Meat from

I have known Kaktus for about 12 months since he became a member of netpond. He's one of the hardest working webmasters I've seen and he's one of the most helpfull also, he does a lot of things to help us out when we have techy issues and he is also helping us with our BetaBrigade projects, one of the Platoon Captains. On top of that he also finds time to write some pretty awesome webmaster scripts. I would recommend Kaktus and his company to anyone looking for a dedicated and talented programmer.
Hugh Bernard from

Kaktus was very helpful when developing a custom script for me. I needed a hosted gallery script for my affiliate program and he took care of it pronto. More importantly, he was there to help after I paid him.
Daniel from and

Kaktusan was a pleasure to do business with. Every function and feature that I wanted my website to have, he was able to do with ease. He is extremely talented and trustworthy. My site and database were both completed in a timely manner. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who wants to take there online presence to the next level.
Matt E from

I'm amazed by the speed and quality of this coder. In a very short time he have completed projects in various sizes for me. Kaktusan has completed most jobs quicker than I expected. I recommend this coder to everybody, you won't regret it. You will get speed, quality and a good communication in one package.
XPorn from

Kaktus delivered a top notch script when we really needed it! The price was great and the resulting product was even better. We can recommend and will use his services in the future.
Dr Bizzaro from

The custom script Kaktus had done for me was exactly what I had envisioned. The work was completed ahead of schedule and done within the quote I was given. I already plan to line him up on some new projects I have in the works. I'm glad to have found such an inexpensive, reliable, professional and thorough asset to my company.
Chop Smith from and

After working with many programmers, I would have to say that Kaktus is the leader in PHP development. He was a pleasure to work with. My custom script was completed ahead of schedule and it completely met my specifications. If you are looking for reliable professional service, I would highly recommend Kaktus.
Brian McDowell from and

I've been in the on-line adult biz since Feb/1998. I own adult pay sites, an affiliate site, 100's of free sites, a content site, a dating site, and a chat network. I hired Kaktus to write an extremely complicated script for me. He did an excellent job and finished when he said he would. He was a joy to work with, he cares deeply about the quality of his work and it shows. I will be hiring Kaktus again, I highly recommend him for any of your script needs from small to large.
Henrique from

Kaktus done a really good job at my custom content updater script for my paid site. He did exactly what I had in mind and gave me the script in the scheduled time. From now I will do all my scripts with him...
Blind from

Many people say - "You get what you pay for"... Not if it comes to PHP work with Kaktus. He mix the fair price with quality work. I can highly recommend him for your PHP projects. From today if it comes to PHP i will keep my eye on Kaktus!
)O(siris from

When I needed a simple script, Kaktus came to the rescue! Other people contacted (from those sh**ty outsource companies) and wanted to charge me 5x more than the amount I paid to Kaktus!! Not only was the work done for a fair price, it was done very, very quickly and the communication between him and I was very good. I'd highly suggest using him for any of your future programming needs! I know I'll be using him in the very near future!
AST from

I just wanted to say that I have used Kaktusan Corp. on more than one occasion, both for stock scripts and custom applications. I find them easy to work with and they are experienced coders. In the ever changing adult business it's sometimes hard to find a contractor to work with who understands exactly what I want to accomplish. Working with Kaktusan Corp. half of my job is already done, leaving me to concentrate on my next move in a rapidly evolving industry.
TH from

I hired Kaktusan to develop a script, which builds a complete TGP site, using free hosted galleries, and pre-made thumbs. I am more than satisfied with the quality of the final product - the script is flexible, powerful, fast, and was developed in timely fashion.
I'm pleased with the extreme professionalism shown by Kaktusan, who answered all my questions regarding the script, and handled my order with great efficiency.
Keep up the good work, and I look forward to doing business with you again!
Simon from

I know he can't promise to do it everytime, but Kaktus has actually written things I've needed while I was online describing what I needed to him. Sure, that's not the bigger scripts we asked for, but those only took a couple of days too! Plenty of good follow-up, and the kind of understanding of our industry that means we sometimes wind up with more than we knew we needed, and glad for it every time.
TijuanaPat from

I very rarely recommend anyone and you will not find another written recommendation from me anywhere. Kaktus stepped in and bailed me out of a what had become a hopeless nightmare, the project I was working on at the time was too complex for the programmer that I had hired, he got paid he gave it his best and then he disappeared leaving me with a useless script and way behind schedule. Kaktus did that job at a better price finished ahead of when he said he would be done and had added some features that I hadn't thought of. That was close to a year ago, Kaktus has written another half dozen scripts for me since, always with the same results (finished ahead of schedule and fairly priced). Kaktus gets all of my future work and my highest recomendation.
Cory from

Kaktus is a professional, savvy programmer that does not need his hand held. He is able to work proficiently, intelligently and find solutions on an independent basis as needed. His work is timely and we have always been happy with his end results. I highly recommend him.
Paul from

Kaktus has been a pleasure to work with. I needed a script that would allow people to upload pictures, movies and stories, generate the gallery pages and allow people to rate and comment on the uploaded galleries. Kaktus done an excellent job incorporating all the features I required into one robust, easy to use script. I highly recommend Kaktus and intend to use his services again in the future.
Yeti from

Kaktusan has written me just the script I wanted. Although it was very complex and hard to explain how exactly i wanted it, he seemed to understand right away what I had in mind! He is also one of the fastest coders I ever had the pleasure to work with, he just made changes to the script while talking to me on icq... Amazing :) From now on all the coding I need will be done by Kaktusan!
Kamilla from

I ordered a script from Kaktusan, which I'm very happy with. He was very patient while discussing the various features and ideas I had. He made my script within the time frame promised and within the budget we agreed on. I can recommend him and will be a return customer.
John from

I highly recommend Kaktus's scripts and also his custom coding services. Basically his blog and site organizer scripts are a bargain compared to the revenue making potential they have. If you are making fake tgps or doing a lot of blogging you are missing our big time if you are not using his scripts.

Also I would like to compliment his custom coding work. His custom coding work saved me countless hours of manual labour. He found a solution for all of my custom script needs and completed all projects very fast. When I had some problems with the server executing the script (which was my fault) he resolved my problem in a matter of hours and with no problem.

I highly recommend this man ! I've worked with other outsourced coders before and my experience with them was: delays, ridicolous prices and poor quality of finished product. Kaktus will do neither of that. Thats why he is my coder of choice, thats why he gets my trust and thats why I will continue to use his services with pleasure in the future.
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