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Kaktusan Cash Affiliate Program
Make Serious Money Selling Unique Web Software!

Welcome to Kaktusan Cash Affiliate Program that really WORKS & PAYS!

Let's show You how to EFFORTLESSLY Optimize Your Revenue
and ENLARGE Your Wallet by Selling Hot Software Products!

Dear Webmaster,
Now is your chance to learn how You could earn more and easy money along with your regular daily work you do online. We want to invite you to promote and sell unique webmaster software, that probably you yourself even use! Our affiliate program is unique by itself and We Guarantee no other program will even hold up to what our has to offer you! Don't miss out this chance! Keep reading the page and see it by yourself!

What's so SPECIAL Here?

You have the chance to promote and sell unique and innovative web software that everybody likes. The software itself is quite useful and powerful and lots webmasters find it pretty attractive and are highly using it! We produce only unique of its kind software and that makes it really special and attractive. We provide top-notch support on our software and services which really boosts up the interest in our software. All our customers are more than happy and trusts us by buying multiple software products. Our software is consistently under development and improvement and yet pretty affordable for everyone to buy. Thats our main special ingredient to make our software sell!

Incredible! 30% Payouts on Software Sales!

Thats totally true! Our regular commissions are 30% on every product you sell! That doesn't end till here. Send in more sales and we will raise your commissions to up to 50% and even more! That's totally, right! There is no other software affiliate program to offer you this. The good news doesn't end till here! We give away and cash bonuses to affiliates who send good amount of sales! There are more good news! We give away free copies of our software to best affiliates!

Shocking! 100% Members Retention!

Our Affiliate program offers you the unique opportunity to continuously earn money from your referred clients! Refer us a new client and you get commissions for every single purchase he makes for 3 months ahead! Incredible! That's a UNBELIEVABLE commission structure! You can't miss this out! Out statistics shows, 70% of our users have purchased more than one our product and keep purchasing with the time. Refer us a new client and get yourself "no efforts" commission on his purchases!

Guaranteed! 100% Accurate and Honest Tracking!

We have developed and utilized a pretty powerful affiliate system that tracks 100% of your hits and never misses even one. We fully guarantee the accuracy and reliability of our affiliate tracking software, because we created it by ourselves! We don't rely on third parties affiliate software and have no excuses for missing your sales. Honesty counts in our whole business, and we guarantee 100% accuracy and honesty in your affiliate tracking!

OKAY! What exactly am I promoting here?

Sure, you heard enough about our affiliate program details, now let us show you what exactly kind of software you will be promoting. See by yourself that our software products are really a hot sale!

Blogs Organizer
Our top notch mass blogging software! There is no other blogging software that is even closer to our Blogs Organizer!

Blogs Automater
Our incredible mass remote blogging software! It totally automates feeds reading and blog posts publishing!

Links Organizer
Our robust linktrading software! It totally automates and operates the hardlink trades for all your sites!

Gallery Scraper
Unique and Innovative software to create 100% automatic blog posts from Free Hosted Galleries!

Site Organizer
Our Imperor's software to let you operate tons of differents sites from one single place!

Feeds Observer
Our unique Feeds Traffic Stats Tracker & Analyzer! It enables you to track various statistics on all of your feeds!

Rocket Pinger
Want Traffic? Let Rocket Pinger ping all your blogs completely automated and smartly!

Trade Zilla
Reliable and Robust Traffic Trading Script to explode your sites traffic!

Have you noticed the sales pages for our products? They are clean from outside links and designed in attractive "sales letter" way to ensure best quality for your traffic and conversion rates!

Our Amazing Affiliate Program Features:

Get paid 30% to 50% in commissions for every product sold.
Get your commission increased if you prove you can sell.
Receive various cash and software Bonuses for your hard work.
Receive upsell commissions for referring new clients.
Multiple hot and unique software products to promote.
Earn money selling our special software bundles.
Send hits to main site or directly to the sales page.
Guaranteed 100% tracking of your traffic and sales. You NEVER loose a hit!
Real time extensive traffic and sales statistics.
Weekly payouts! Receive your payments fast, FREE and secure via Paxum.
Shaves don't count here, everyone is honestly paid for his sales!
No promotion and advertising restrictions except spamming!
We teach you how to make sales. Free best selling tactics and tips.
24x7 Online Support. If You need help, just ask for it!

Join Kaktusan Cash Affiliate Program
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